The journey to motherhood begins!

Today more and more gynecologists recommend Yoga as the most suitable and safest exercise for expectant mothers.

  • We maintain a calm and peaceful mind.

  • We gain courage and mental strength.

  • We trust our bodies and ourselves.

Carefully selected postures – asanas – are ideal to keep the body strong and flexible throughout pregnancy. They work correctively in the posture of the body which is constantly changing and relieve the annoying symptoms of pregnancy. By controlling and expanding the breath – pranayama – we ensure adequate oxygenation of the mother and the baby. With meditation and relaxation techniques we maintain a calm and peaceful mind, gain courage and trust in our body and ourselves. We strengthen the mother-infant connection from the very first weeks!

“Συνδέομαι με το θαύμα της δημιουργίας μέσα μου”.