Chakras in our everyday life and practice

Chakras in our everyday life and practice

Anusara®️ Yoga Workshop
Pratyahara Yoga Center is very happy to invite Hristinka Maslarska to an experiential Workshop on Chakras.
After 14 years of exploring and delving into the Chakra energy system, Hristinka Maslarska will help us open our horizons on many levels. The basic idea is to understand the Chakras through the practice of Anusara Yoga but also through what we experience every day in our lives.

The Universal Principles of Alignment will accompany you every step of the way as a philosophical and kinesiology background throughout the workshop.
Practitioners will gain in-depth interpretation and application tools at whatever level of their practice they are at.
We will work on:
◇ Pranayama
◇ Mantra
◇Experiential exercise
◇ Relaxation

Ensure your participation by booking a seat at 6978154577

FB Event:

Cost: €20 live, €15 online

Saturday, March 4
Time: 17.00 – 19.30
Duration: 2.5 hours