Aerial RESTORATIVE Yoga is a calm restorative and decompression practice. The hammock is lowered low, close to the ground and is used for a safe, therapeutic practice without muscle tension, with passive stretches.

If you are experiencing injuries and mobility problems, then Restorative Aerial Yoga may be for you.

Unlike regular yoga practice, Aerial RESTORATIVE Yoga is associated with a therapeutic and gentle side of yoga.
When performing it, the goal is not to get into difficult or challenging poses and sweat, but to gently and consciously guide the body into positions that can yield different benefits such as:

Decompression of vertebrae, muscle stretching, torso twists, relief of musculoskeletal tensions (waist-neck-knees-knees-back-shoulders), hip opening, etc. bringing about better flexibility and decompression.

In addition, this practice can focus heavily on mindfulness and often includes visualizations or meditations to further connect with your inner self, your healing and your spiritual side.

Who will benefit from a restorative aerial yoga session?
In fact, restorative yoga is accessible and beneficial for everyone, however, there are certain groups of people who will find it more beneficial.
People recovering from an injury will benefit from this practice that has no tension and their weight is supported by the hammock, enabling them to perform the gentle movements involved in aerial yoga rehabilitation – as a form of physical therapy.
Seniors with limited mobility who want to exercise and stay fit, reaping the many benefits that yoga has to offer.
People of all age groups who struggle with physical pain and limitations, who are unable to take part in more vigorous yoga practices.
Athletes who need the passive stretching and decompression
Beginners who have no previous experience to recognize the body and its mobility.

Aerial RESTORATIVE Yoga is a great way to introduce your body to aerial yoga!

  • No previous yoga knowledge required

  • No need for good physical condition

  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

  • Peace and Serenity

  • Introduction to deep relaxation and through it the management of stress