We kindly ask you to respect the operating rules of the Pratyahara Yoga Center, hereinafter “Studio”, for the smooth running of the classes, the safety and peace of all of us.

General Rules

  1. Please make sure you arrive at the Studio on time and do not enter after the class has started. The courses are designed to smoothly integrate you into the practice and the introductory part is very important. If you come in late, on the one hand, you miss a valuable part of the lesson, on the other hand, you disturb and distract the rest of the students and the teachers.
  2. If you are coming to the Studio for the 1st time make sure you locate the location and time your journey correctly to avoid delays.
  3. If it is necessary to leave before the end of the class, leave before Savasana without delay and quietly so that the others can continue their practice smoothly.
  4. Upon entry, remove shoes, jewelry, belts, and other sharp objects. Shoes are placed inside the shoe rack and not in front of it.
  5. Make sure to wear comfortable and clean clothes and avoid smoking before the start of the class.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Studio.
  7. Members up to the age of 17 are required to present a Medical Certificate from a Pathologist or Cardiologist, certifying that physical exercise is permitted. This certificate is renewed every 12 months.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to talk on mobile phones inside the Studio. Phones turn off or go completely silent, no vibration. They stay in your bags and not in the practice area.
  9. Keep your voice low and avoid conversations during class. It is very important to focus and concentrate everyone during the practice of Yoga.
  10. Your behavior and presence should always be dignified and dignified.
  11. It is forbidden to create noise in the area and disturb the members.
  12. Any type of instruction-advice-exhortation from student to student on practice matters inside and outside the course is strictly prohibited. This is the sole responsibility of the teacher.
  13. Always bring your own equipment and a towel. If it is necessary to use the Studio equipment you clean it before use with the antiseptics provided and at the end put it back in its original place, exactly as you found it.
  14. There is a water cooler in the Studio. Avoid the possibility of water splashing on the hall floor.
  15. The consumption of food and drinks will only take place in the special areas of the Studio.
  16. You are responsible for your personal belongings. The Studio is not responsible for any loss of items or money. Don’t forget to take all your things when you leave. There is room for forgotten and lost items. After 3 months the Studio is not responsible for them as well as for abandoned mats after a year has passed since the owner’s last subscription.
  17. You are responsible for your own physical integrity. In the philosophy of Yoga, non-violence has a dominant position. In every class we remind you to listen to your body and work within your limits, following the teachers’ instructions and using aids where you need them. Please do it and don’t exceed your capacity. The Studio is not responsible for any injuries.
  18. You are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff not only in terms of training, but also in general in terms of the smooth operation of the Studio.
  19. Take care of your physical hygiene and the cleanliness of your clothes, so as to avoid unpleasant odors during the practice. Avoid strong perfumes and deodorants because these too may create breathing problems for you and the other practitioners. Be aware of the smell of cigarettes in your clothes and hair. Finally, be careful with moisturizing creams and lotions because they create slipperiness on the mattress and on your body, making the practice dangerous.
  20. The intern is obliged to inform the respective teacher about the state of his physical and mental health, about any injuries, surgeries, pregnancy as well as about whether he has previous experience in the course he is attending.
  21. The staff and the Management are at your disposal for any complaint, clarification or request if it can be implemented. We encourage communication with every Studio intern.

Reservations – Cancellation Policy

  1. Membership is personal and not transferable to another person or time period.
  2. All classes are LIVE and simultaneously broadcast ONLINE (except for Handstands & Aerial Yoga).
  3. The number of participants is limited, so reservation is NECESSARY.
  4. Reservations are made through an electronic platform. When you register you will receive the code to enter the application. You will then download the application to your mobile or computer and book or cancel the lessons strictly and only through it. At any time you can be updated via the platform about the balance of your subscription and the expiry date of your package.
  5. Make sure to renew your subscription in time, before the credits from the platform are completely zeroed out. This ensures the smooth flow of your practice, avoids unnecessary meetings and helps the Studio to function harmoniously.
  6. Reservations can be made up to 20 minutes before the start of the lesson, if there are still places available.
  7. Reservation can be canceled up to 1 hour before. After this period, the reservation cannot be canceled and the course is charged as normal.
  8. If you book a Drop in course and do not attend or cancel in time the course will be charged as normal.
  9. Find out about financial offers and course packages. Each package must be completed within the predetermined time period agreed upon. After the end of the package the lessons are not valid.
  10. The “freezing” of the subscription cannot happen for ANY reason except in the event that the Studio closes on its own initiative (this does not concern public holidays).
  11. In multi-month subscriptions (3-month, 6-month, 12-month), the possibility of extension is provided, as long as there are remaining courses and if the intern comes in consultation with the Studio Management at least one week before the end of the subscription, paying the expected fee of €18.00 / month. The possibility of extension ceases to be valid after the end of the intern’s subscription.
  12. On public holidays the subscription is not extended. When the Studio closes on its own initiative then the subscription is extended.
  13. If for some reason you cannot attend the course and you know this in advance, it is necessary to cancel your reservation. Consider that you are deprived of the possibility of attendance by another practitioner.
  14. The Studio Management reserves the right to change its operating hours as well as its individual departments.
  15. Your subscription may be canceled by the company unilaterally, if you do not follow the safety rules as defined by the shift staff or perform inappropriate acts against employees – other customers or do not comply with the regulations or do not comply with the policy of the company or do not claim the repayment of your plan according to the agreed installments.